emptysilentlife (emptysilentlife) wrote in thequestionclub,

My boyfriend's HOA hired people to trap and remove the ducks from a pond in his neighborhood. His house (and like a dozen others I'm assuming) received notices telling them that I guess since the pond is in their backyards.

He's concerned they may also be killing the ducks (idk if that's true or not) but either way he thinks it's unethical to remove them from the pond as they aren't at all a hazard and he was wondering if there was some way to stop them? I guess he's wondering if it's illegal or something according to wildlife guidelines and he asked me to ask you guys if he could do something to keep the ducks there and/or safe.

Edit: I found this for if it is illegal but my boyfriend is now saying he thinks its within their rights.

Never mind :(

What's the last thing you learned that made you sad or angry?
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