Leone (runic_binary) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ever since it cooled down enough not to die as soon as I turned the oven on, I've been baking a ton, and my roommate has become convinced I am the wise and all-knowing guru of baking. We're going to have a Japanese food theme night and she picked up a package of sweet red bean paste, sure that I'd know what to do with it for dessert, when in fact I haven't got a clue. I do know a few recipes, but they're all pretty complicated and to be honest I'm the laziest baker ever (it is not my fault that it's so simple to make delicious bread pudding as long as you follow a recipe, okay), and I'd rather go with something easy considering I work that day and everything.

So, TQC, do you have any fairly simple dessert recipes for red bean paste?
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