Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Your family hosts a foreign exchange student 'sister'. After she goes home, you go with her on a family vacation to another country, a trip her family makes every year. You end up eating at a particular place every day because there's a waiter who speaks English (in an area of this country where you almost speak the language.. but not the accent). You make a little small talk. The year after, when your sister goes again, she emails you to tease you because he asked about you.

Six years go by from when you met this guy.

Waiter emails you(again, your sister goes every year, so it's not a big mystery how he got your address). His english is okay, although some words are mispelled (phonetics of his language versus the bastard phonics of english). He knows that your family hosted a foreign exchange student before, and he wants to come to america to study law, would we be willing to do it again?

What is the proper response to this? I plan on responding back all friendly like and forwarding this on to my parents, but seriosuly right now I'm jsut kindof staring at my computer screen and blinking.
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