meyesme (brookin82) wrote in thequestionclub,

I need some advice on how to ask my managers if i can be a trainer. New employees are trained for about 6 weeks.

I've worked in my office for over 1 year and I know what i'm doing. Most of the other trainers in my office have worked here for several years, like 3+. But I think a lot of them do a crappy job training the new people coming in. I'm not sure how my managers pick who should train our new people, it seems pretty random to me. They seem to base it off of who's been here for a while and who will agree to doing it.

Lately, I've been really tired of my job because it is really monotonous and doesn't change much from day to day and isn't challenging at all. So this is why i'd like to train someone. To have some sort of change in my day to day job and I also feel like i'd be good at it and train a new person well.

For some reason though, i get the feeling that if i just ask my managers if i can do it that they may just say no, you haven't been here long enough, we don't think your ready..etc. Any tips for things i could say to convince them that it is a good idea and that i'd be good at it? i really want to do this and i don't know how i would best portray it to them that it is what i want and that i'd do a good job at it. So any suggestions would be great!!
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