snooji (snooji) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hello TQC cat owners! I need some tips.

One of my cats is not a fan of the litter box. She sometimes uses it properly, but very often she only puts her front paws on the box and then pees/poops right outside. Sometimes she'll just pee in the same room but not near the box. My husband and I have tried everything we can think of and we just can't get her to use the litter box properly. We and the vet think it has to do with nerve damage caused by an abusive household. It seems someone yanked hard on her tail as she can't move it and doesn't feel much in that area, and thus can't get to the box in time.

Anyway, we moved the litter box to the bathroom to prevent damage to the floor which is wood and to control odor. How do we teach our cat that it's been moved? I've cheerfully called her over to it several times and showed her. I've put her in it. She's even walked over to it and checked it out. Our other cat has already figured it out. But she keeps peeing where the box use to be. My husband is currently making a cat proof gate to block the room where the box use to be but I'm worried she'll find a new place in the home to pee on.

TQC, how do I get her to use the litter box?

Because I'm desperate, what are your tips for getting a cat in diapers? She screams (being held scares her), scratches, then ultimately gets it off within seconds the two times we've tried. The screaming made me not want to again.

I'll take any ideas you guys have.
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