normalee (normalee) wrote in thequestionclub,


I think guys undies are different because their underwear is the same size as their pant size but the end question is still the same.

If you buy your underwear in packs it lists what underwear size you should wear on the back of the pack -- based on weight, waist size, dress size, etc. Do you wear the size listed for you?

I haven't bought underwear in packs for a long time and so I bought some in the size the back of the package says I should wear and I feel like I'm swimming in them. Maybe they'll shrink after more washing (they're cotton) but this is just silly. Maybe I'm just used to wearing undies that are too small?

And for kicks, what style of undies do you wear (boys and girls)? I bought boyshorts for the first time and they do not feel like underwear.
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