julie (yeuxverts) wrote in thequestionclub,

ipod question

so my old computer crashed and i got a new one and installed itunes on it. i bought a few new songs and was about to hook my ipod up to the computer to put them onto my ipod. my friend told me not to do this because it would erase everything on my ipod. i did a little research and it appears that she is right. according to my research, it says to uncheck the box for automatic update or whatever in itunes. the problem is i can't go to that menu unless my ipod is hooked up to the computer. and supposedly if i hook my ipod up to the computer, instantly i will lose all my songs. what do i do now? i really want the new songs i have downloaded to go on my ipod. and i really don't want to lose all my old ones. surely there is some way to bypass this?

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