Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

A coworker/fellow student said they had a dream about you. Which of these following dreams would you not appreciate them sharing with you? Anything you don't check implies you'd like to be told about the dream

Disaster dream! Your friend had to save you from a few bad situations. You were helpless and kept crying
Money dream. The dream involved you finding a bunch of money! Then you were in a casino and bet it all on black. You lost everything
Dinosaur dream. In the dream, you showed up to distract the T-rex away from your friend. You end up getting eaten. Your screams were loud and your friend could hear you crying all the way across the chasm
Erotic dream. Some real kinky stuff happened in that Port-a-Potty, and apparently, you're a real freak in dreamworld
Political dream. Your friend showed up in a courtyard and you and others were there, waving Michelle Bachman for 2012 signs
Pregnancy dream. You were pregnant and gave birth to quadruplets. In the dream you were crying because you realized your days of fun were behind you
Romance dream. You were making out with Hulk Hogan nonstop. You didn't even come up for air
Prison dream. Your friend was in prison for a month, but you were his/her cellmate serving 14 consecutive life sentences for video piracy
Tattoo dream. You got a tattoo of the original cast of Two and a Half Men across your back
Prophetic dream. You were just dumped, laid off, got your car stolen and contracted and STD in this dream. Funny thing is, in the dream you were wearing the same shirt you are now
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