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Is there anyone in this community from Australia or who has lived in Australia or went on holidays in Australia in the last few years? 

I am really strongly considering going on exchange to Australia in my 3rd year (so I will be applying for a place through my Uni in about October this year) and I want to really research it so I can figure out if I really can do it financially and socially. 

So here are my 3 choices : 

1. University of Melbourne
2. University of New South Wales
3. University of Queensland. 

I am studying social work at the moment so would any of you know if any of these 3 Uni's are especially renowned in the humanities or are they all about equal? 

More importantly if I do end up in Australia I want to be somewhere that is a good base for further travelling so which of these would be best of that? I'm leaning towards NSW but then I have heard Melbourne is like the education capital of Australia or something like that. Thoughts? 

Now accommodation....
I am hoping I am reading it wrong but is on campus accomm really THAT expensive? I was a bit shocked. Most of them were like over ten grand (in euros) for the year? So like 15000-17000 Australian Dollars? Please tell me this is a horrendous typo :( 

Also I presume on - campus accommodation is done by semester and not by the year so I could still be homeless for like 3 months? Ah!

So, baring that in mind how horribly stressful and expensive is it to rent in the 3 areas? This is the main thing that is making me nervous about the whole thing. At the moment I am paying about 5 thousand euros for my house for the year. How much roughly would most students expect to be dishing out on private rentals for say a 10 month to 12 month lease? And how hard is it to find affordable housing. I know how stressful house hunting is and doing it from Ireland before I go out sounds like a nightmare!!

Anyone ever just shared with randomers in any of these 3 Uni's? Thoughts?

Hope this is making sense.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me! :) 
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