rocklobstah84 (rocklobstah84) wrote in thequestionclub,

for people who enjoy anal play with their partners,

for me when i think of anal i just think of poop. i think that is the poop chute, and that's just how it is, and i can't imagine finding any sort of anal experience enjoyable, or sexy.

if you enjoy anal play, are you able to make that distinction? does the thought even cross your mind? how do you stop thinking it's somewhere crap comes out of, and start thinking it's a new unexplored orifice with which you can have an intimate experience with your partner? 

i tried not to offend anybody with the way i worded this, although i'm sure i screwed up somehow. i am sorry. i was going to post it in sextips, but i wanted some tqc answers.

if you hate that question or don't want to answer it, what has been your most embarrassing sexual experience?
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