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Wedding Attire & Gift Dilemma!

Hey TQC. So, I'm Italian-American from NY and I've only been to crazy big & fancy Italian NY-style weddings. But this weekend my friend (from VA) is getting married in Atlanta. I know it's going to be a lot less formal than I'm used to, and I have no clue what to wear.

What would you wear to:
-the bachelorette party? (described as "low-key")
ETA: it's at Trader Vic's -some kind of tiki lounge/bar place

-the rehearsal dinner? (bride is wearing satin-ish fitted dress and groom wearing khakis & a polo)

-the wedding?

I was thinking a black pencil skirt and satin gray tank for rehearsal dinner (but it kind of looks too much like something for the office). I also have a pink satin-type short dress that I've worn to a bridal shower in NY before, and I'm thinking it would be good for the wedding. I have a lot of simple black skirts from work that I can pair with cute tops. But I only have really formal dresses or really slutty club dresses haha. Help TQC!! :)

Pictures would be lovely if you care to post 'em.

ETA: BONUS GIFT QUESTION: I've also never been to weddings when you get a gift off the registry. Here we do that for the shower and give money for the wedding. If you've ordered a gift off the registry to be sent to the couple's home, do you just go empty-handed to the wedding? Or do you get a card?
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