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I worked as a professional massage therapist specializing in the elderly and chronically disabled. I was the only person in my area with that specification and worked as an independent contractor part-time in two spas and full-time in one spa. On my resume I use only the full-time job. However, I am debating on if I should add my two part-time positions on my resume.

The first person paid me under the table because I worked there maybe two or three times a month when she had a client that needed my specializations. She was extremely unprofessional and was notorious for refusing to call people when she decided she wanted a new face and went through massage therapists frequently. I worked there the longest than any other therapist she had before she went through a rotation again. I'm wondering if I should put that experience on my resume because I know that if she gets called she won't answer or return calls, or probably even acknowledge that she knows me because that is the kind of person that she is (I have seen her deny knowing therapists who have worked in her spa before). The position was from three years ago, so I wonder if the likelihood is even there that she WILL be called.

The second spa did not end in a happy parting of ways. The owner and I frequently did not get along because she would conveniently change her mind if I was an employee of hers or a independent contractor when it suited her whims and needs. I had my own station set up in her spa though. An incident occurred with an man sexually harassing me and wanting me to go to his house to give him a "massage". He didn't start his advances until he had come to me a handful of times, so he was a regular at that point. I reported this incident to her and told her that I was not going to give him another massage because he had started to get forward/aggressive. Her response was to tell me to get my stuff out of her spa because how dare I have a problem with a client and his sexual advances; then she contradicted herself that I shouldn't have given a massage to a pervert anyway and it was my fault for leading him on, despite the fact that he was perfectly fine the first couple of times he came to the massage. Many things happened, including her telling this man what I had said even before I had a chance to talk to her face to face (and he of course denied everything) and then taking about half the money out of my last paycheck because she was bitter. I ended up reporting her unethical behavior to the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and she got in a lot of trouble. So I know that if she is called she will only say terrible things because after I left her reputation was shot. I last worked there over two years ago.

In both places though, I had a lot of experience and many loyal customers. So I'm wondering if I should still put them on my resume. What do you think?

tl;dr Two prior jobs with good professional experience ended badly because the bosses her bitter jerks. Should I still put them on my resume?
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