StormyDecember (stormydecember) wrote in thequestionclub,

*NOTE: I am NOT trying to start a controversial arguement.

A very good friend of mine is pregnant. She found out about five days ago. The next day she started heavily bleeding and has been suffering severe abdominal pains. She went to the doctor today and they sent her straight to the emergency room. Unfortunately, this pregnancy was not planned and she is at a high risk for miscarriage. She already has a two year old daughter. She has no job, isn't married and is living at her grandmothers house (She's twenty years old). She's suffered with depression her entire life, and knowing that she has no way of taking care of another child, she has decided to get an abortion. I've already told her that I'm committed to supporting her no matter what happens.

Because I know that she will be suffering greatly emotionally, my question is, what can I do to help her? How can I make this unbearably hard situation easier for her?

If you've had an abortion what helped you move on and get back to having a normal life?
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