Raven_McBain (raven_mcbain) wrote in thequestionclub,

Awkward situation

A few monthes ago I was doing auditions for my Fringe production and was having some trouble getting someone. They kept realizing that they were too busy at the last second. Finally I got someone who seemed to be perfect, she was helpful, talented and enthusiastic about the show and subject matter so I sent her the script. Unfortunately she was not as perfect as I could have hoped because she read over the script and completely freaked out.

I had always been honest that the script was slightly raw and needed some workshopping but she just freaked and said it was undirekable and unworkable. I eventually got her calmed down but she insisted I dop my plans with an old friend so that we could go over the script with my partial director. Unfortunatly we couldn't get ahold of the director so the girl said that we couldn't work it. She then sent me a list of demands in order to keep her on the project. Insisting that the director be at every rehearsal, I cast the male role, I send out contact lists and I fix the script. I finally got out of her that the script was too long and talky so I was able to work on it however our director was always meant to be a partial one and didn't have time for a full role (which I had been honest about from the start) and the girl was insisting that I didn't listen to her about the script despite the fact that I was reworking it.

So she dropped out and then she black balled me in the theatre community, including telling her friends who she knew I had auditioned not to take the project. I had told her that if she wished to drop out i could get someone else she had said I would never find anyone at such short notice. She was determined that my play would fail so she was going to make sure that it did. Fortunatly the other women that I had auditioned were smarter then that and they stayed on the project and we rocked. However the girl went to my play and congragulated me and said how great my play was and I barely resisted punching her in the teeth but she also met my cousin who is also in theatre and started talking about working on projects with him.

So my question is do I straight out tell my cousin not to give this person the time of day or what?
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