destinygirl001 (destinygirl001) wrote in thequestionclub,

Driving Atlanta to New York

We will be driving from Atlanta to Manhattan soon, starting sometime Friday evening and must be in Manhattan Sunday morning. We are thinking of taking I-85 to I-95 so we can see DC and Philly, but supposedly it is quicker to take I-85 to I-81 to I-78. I know I can use google maps, and have, but I want real-life experience.

1. Is it realistic to spend an hour or so in DC to "see" the White House and Capitol, or something? If we won't be able to do anything other than drive straight through, we might as well take the shorter route.
2. For those who have drove this: How much quicker, on average, is the 81 to 78 route?
3. For those who live along 1-95 on this route, is there any major road construction we should try to avoid?

DK/DC - One of the CDs I am making is "Classic Rock" based. Which one song should I make sure I include?
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