jenna_pie (jenna_pie) wrote in thequestionclub,

I live in an old house that was renovated and split into 3 units with 3 separate power bills. One on the bottom and two on top with a shared laundry room on the first floor. My SO and I live on the 1st floor and the laundry room power is connected to ours. We get $20/month off rent from our landlord to help cover the cost of laundry electricity.

The issue I'm noticing is that the upstairs tenants continue to do laundry constantly, and whenever I go out there it's NEVER  full load. It's always like less than half a load. What would be the best way to get them to only do full loads to conserve energy? We are only cordial with each other, I feel awkward and rude going up there and asking, and a note seems too passive aggressive for me.

Sidenote: our electricity bill the first month was almost $460! The second month it went down to $260, but still, it's a 1500sq foot unit.
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