Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Inspired by misreading a question:

What are you pissing off on? That thing you know you should be doing, should be doing right this second, but instead you're fucking around on the internets? What've you been doing?

I need to call a bunch of people(for T-shirt prices and waaaaay overdue newspaper articles)(Oh god do i ever hate talking on the phone), and I have astronomy homework with a lot of math.

Instead I'm playing in TQC. I also copy-edited an article on Wikipedia. And I retrieved Spatter from being fish-sat. He's happy to be home with clean water.

Also! things you do that you didn't know you did until someone else pointed it out?

When I hear something I don't want to hear, I kinda squeeze my skull at that place right behind/above my eyes where there's that little hollow... I didn't know I did that until a friend pointed it out... we were on the phone, she told me something, I did it- and didn't answer- and she said "Megan, I know what you're doing, you're doign that head-squeezing thing you do when you wish you hadn't heard something."

Oddest string of questions you've been asked in a 24 hour period?
1. Friend asks, out of nowhere, over AIM, if my nipples get paler when I'm on my period.(I stare at the screen. she types "Don't you look at me like that.")
2. Other friend prefaces question with "I'm sorry if this is too weird, or too personal, i mean, I wouldn't want to be asked this, if you don't want to answer it it's okay"... I begin to suspect she's about to ask a nipple question, rather she asks how I knew I loved my boyfriend.
3. Acquaintance type(edge of a circle of friends, president of a club I'm secretary of) asks me later that same day -Why- I'm with boyfriend.
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