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The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

1. What was your highschool experience like? Was it positive/negative? Why?
2. Were you part of a clique? If so, which one? How did this effect your highschool experience?
3. Would you say your experience was better or worse than your friends or others you've spoken to over the years? Why?

1. My own experience was very positive. The majority of my highschool seemed to be a pretty inclusive bunch who mixed and mingled, and all generally got along. A lot of people who went to the same highschool have expressed that they felt comfortable going from table to table in the cafeteria, mixing and mingling, and felt generally welcome wherever they went.
2. Probably the drama club. It's a little hard to say because I felt like every clique mixed and mingled so it was hard to put people in one group or another, myself included.
3. A lot of my friends who DIDN'T go to my highschool explain their experience was alot more like MEAN GIRLS, where different cliques were very defined, and often isolated (or even hostile) towards one another, so my own experience seemed to have been a lot more positive. I'm curious what everyone else's was like!

(The subject title is based off Alexandra Robbins' book of the same title, on highschool cliques and why "outsiders" seem to thrive after highschool...an awesome read).
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