PKMN Trainer Kat wants to battle! (infuturetense) wrote in thequestionclub,
PKMN Trainer Kat wants to battle!

A couple of Mac related questions.

So, I'm going to be getting a degree in graphic design (likely a associate's/two year program to begin with) and it's looking like most of the colleges I will be applying to will have me working on Mac computers on their campuses. However, I've only ever worked with PCs.

My questions: will the transition be difficult for me? Should I think about getting a Mac laptop for college to help me get used to 1. using the operating system and 2. using Photoshop in a different OS? Some of the colleges will let me use a PC laptop, and I've been wary of buying a laptop that I will not quite know how to use. (I won't be going until next spring.)

Oh, and another question: I hear Photoshop isn't compatible with Mac PCs -- true or false? (If true, what program will I likely use?) EDIT: nevermind!
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