clockworkgirl21 (clockworkgirl21) wrote in thequestionclub,

What are things that annoy you but don't seem to bother anyone else? And visa-versa?

What bothers me:
The use of "him or her" "he or she" and the like. I'm fine with the default being "he or him" when the gender of someone is in question, such as "when your doctor blah blah blah, he will..." even though the doctor could be a woman. Sort of sexist? Maybe, but I feel adding the "she or her" just makes your sentence or statement bigger and more detailed than it has to be. I'm fine with everyone being called man, such as policeman, mailman, or chairman, also since the oldest definition of man just means human, not necessarily specifying gender. (But obviously using she or her would be appropriate if the person in question has to be a woman). Simplicity for simplicity's sake!

Flip flops. I hate flip flops. Dear god, my personal Hell would have everyone wearing flip flops. I don't really care if you wear them during your leisure time, but do you really need to wear them in situations where your feet need some protection? I have no idea why people wear them when they plan to do heavy lifting or going up and down stairs a lot. I've seen so many broken toes and torn up feet...

What doesn't bother me:
Remakes. Why do people bitch over movie remakes? No one is making you see it. If you respect the original too much, just stick with it.
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