Essenity (essenity) wrote in thequestionclub,

Has anyone read this story or something similar? Can anyone tell me what it is?

There's a man (might be a king) who has two sons (or more). One son starts neglecting his duties, slacking off, being an ass and ignoring his father. So the father sends his other son to remind his irresponsible one of his duties. A few days pass and the father has yet to see any sign of his irresponsible son so he asks if his other son actually obeyed his order.

To which the reply was something like: "Yeah, I told him and then I took care of it." The father later finds out that 'took care of it' meant that this son actually killed his irresponsible one. The father sent this son away, fearing his coldhearted personality to subdue a tribe not far from where they live. The son goes and takes care of things - he also takes care of many others. Eventually this son realises that the father sent him on these adventures not in hopes that the kingdom will be united/become peaceful, but in hopes that someone out there is strong enough to kill this son off.

It might be a Greek story. =S

What do you suggest for lunch?
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