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Chest Pain, Recent Movies, Bullying

Three-parter here, the first part having nothing to do with the second two questions.

1. Today I was feeling some sort of weird chest pains - all in the top part of my chest, between my collarbone and the tops of my boobs. They felt internal, and mostly centered around the middle (though not on both sides at the same time, either one or the other). Any ideas as to what it might be?

2. Have there been any preteen/teen-girl movies out lately (that is, the past two months or so), either on DVD, TV or in theatres, that have been portraying bullying in a positive light, or what could be construed as a positive light even if it wasn't meant to be so?

3. How do you deal with girls bullying (that is, emotional/verbal, rather than physical)? What do you do when the traditional options available to a after-school-care program (talking to parents, time-outs, loss of privileges, being sent to the supervisor's office) don't work, and even the parents are at their wit's end? The offenders in question are girls between the ages of 9 and 11.
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