Morgan (poo) wrote in thequestionclub,

I need advice ...

When I was hired for my job, it was never made obvious what would happen in the event of hospitalization (I care for a boy with medical issues). Well, he has been in the hospital for a week now and it is expected of me to show up and help out even though, technically, I'm violating contract and his mother (employer) and myself could be audited by the company that oversees my pay if they find out. I have a few issues with this:
1. I have a horrific drive getting there now. It was already 25 minutes to their home every day but now I am driving anywhere from 40-45 minutes in terrible Houston traffic to get to the medical center.
2. The gas is seriously cramping my style. I get paid 10 bucks an hour, it isn't like I have boatloads of cash flowing in.
3. The parking costs 12 dollars every day.
4. Because he's in crisis mode, he needs constant attention. By the time I leave each night, which is never made clear, I am exhausted. I have 45 minutes to drive home and I keep falling asleep at the wheel.
5. I'm moving next week, which was discussed prior to him nosediving, but a final date was never decided. I think it is expected of me to help throughout his entire hospital stay but, really, I need to leave by next week. I gave them the 19th as my "stretching it" date, said I'd like to be done by the 12th, but could feasibly stay until the 15th. I won't have somewhere to live if I do not make it before September 1st, and I need to go to my college and finish my course selection. I have 2,500 miles to drive to even get there. This job cannot fuck me out of my education, essentially.
6. I really think I'm being asked to go WAY above and beyond what I was hired for.

So, short of saying "I can't do this anymore" without proper notice, what do I do?
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