chutney ferret (hellaweasels) wrote in thequestionclub,
chutney ferret

In yet another installment of "agent_squeaks asks stupid questions that really don't need to be debated late at night"

So my mom+brother are going out of town this weekend. Naturally I asked if I could have a friend over, even though it would be me and my dad in the house [my dad primarily stays upstairs ftr and you can't hear anything from where he is anyway and he's a sound sleeper].

She saw through this like glass and said that I couldn't have my "special friend" spend the night.

I didn't bother arguing because I was just kinda astounded she would immediately assume I would have him over for sex [I would but not first thing as he walked in, we'd wait a bit first].

If I were to argue this, how would I do it?

Of note: I'm 21 ftr. And so is he.
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