biomimetical (biomimetical) wrote in thequestionclub,

health insurance?

For those of you who have to buy health insurance (I guess that's...everyone in the States? Anyone else?), how much does it cost you a month? Are you illness/accident-prone?

I'm a pretty healthy 24 year old shopping for health insurance. Blue Cross Blue Shield looks good; I found a plan for $86/month with a $250 deductible and 10% copay, but my sister said that was ridiculously high (she only pays $24/month through her job; $500 deductible, 15% copay on most stuff). I dunno, when I looked at cheaper plans elsewhere they didn't cover anything, they just chip in up to $50 in case of an accident - hardly useful. On one hand, I rarely get sick and have never been injured. On the other hand, I spend 24 hrs a week working in hospitals as a student nurse.

I mean, when I was with Starbucks I had great $30/paycheck insurance through Blue Cross, but surely it can't be that cheap for unemployed students. Does $86/month for a young adult sound reasonable to you?
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