some kind of happiness is measured out in miles (plasticpepper) wrote in thequestionclub,
some kind of happiness is measured out in miles

Cat people of TQC, I need your help again. My boyfriend's cat and his roommate's cat have fleas and we're having trouble getting rid of them.

When we first discovered the fleas, we put flea medication on them (the kind that goes on the back of their necks). It didn't seem to have any effect at all. Although now one cat seems to have scabs in that area and we're worried the medication actually hurt him. My boyfriend bought a flea comb, but it just slides past the fleas and doesn't remove any of them - same goes for the Furminator. Last night we tried to give one of the cats a bath, just using hand soap, and although we managed to drown a few of the fleas it seemed like most of them just evacuated to the cat's head/neck/chest - the areas we couldn't keep submerged in the water. Later in the night I took a few dead fleas off him, but I also found two live fleas, so basically the bath was a waste and we put the poor cat through that for nothing. And we spent so long trying to get the fleas off of him that the water was starting to cool off and we were afraid it wasn't warm enough to give the other cat a bath. So as much as I don't want to put the poor kitty through another bath, it's gonna have to happen.

What should we be looking for now? Is flea shampoo the same thing as a flea dip? And if not, which one should we be trying? I don't even really know what flea dip is - if we get that, how do we use it? (I mean, I know we can just follow the instructions on the bottle, but if someone could give me a general idea of how it works before we go searching for it that'd be awesome.)

I don't THINK there are any fleas in the carpet/bedding/etc. I'm amazed that there aren't, but from what I understand it's generally pretty obvious if they're there. I've walked all over the apartment in bare legs and haven't seen a single flea jump onto my feet or anything. I've never seen a flea other than on the cats and the occasional flea that jumps ship onto me or my boyfriend. So I'm really hoping if we can bathe both cats in one night and kill all the fleas/eggs on them, the problem might be solved. I don't think we can really flea bomb the place - even if we could get the cats out of the apartment, they have upstairs neighbors and it's a fairly old building so I'm not confident that the fumes would be contained to their apartment.

Anyway, thanks for any advice!
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