clockworkgirl21 (clockworkgirl21) wrote in thequestionclub,

What boooks have you read that actually spooked you? Extra points if you include the exact scene that did it most.

-The Exorcist. The part where Regan goes down the stairs is in the book, and it goes even further with her chasing the maid around and licking at her heels with her tongue that was stretching out at a few feet. Another creepy scene is when Chris was listening to a recording of Regan's voice and decided, "Whatever that is upstairs, it isn't my daughter."

-The Shining. The part where Danny goes to the playground and goes into that underground tube thing. Some snow caves in on him, and he gets this feeling that the spirit of a dead kid is at the end of the tube coming after him. He digs his way out of the tunnel, feeling like he barely beat the spirit. Then he notices the hedge animals look different than he remembers. He begins to walk back to the hotel. Every time he turns around, he sees they've getting closer to him. One even scratches him as he dives toward the porch. And don't even mention the nude lady in the bath tub...

-Ringu. Japanese novel that inspired The Ring. Very different from the movie, but just as creepy.
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