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please help

This feels like one of those bullshit essay questions from the LSAT, but right now it's actually my life:

I'm moving to the Boston area in three weeks, for the sake of adventure. I roped two other friends into moving there; we all live in various other parts of the U.S. right now, and we've planned to be roommates, but it's obviously difficult to find something within our price range and try to coordinate this from afar when none of us live in the city. Some kids on Craigslist propositioned me to live with them for way cheap, and I don't know if I should do that or try to hold out for someplace with my two friends. WHICH OPTION SHOULD I CHOOSE?:

A) Apartment way out in Malden with the friends I planned to move with. $430/mo per person. Long-ass commute if we want to do anything in the city/ possibly difficult to find jobs for that reason. We'd each have our own bedroom. The place itself is nice and modern but fairly boring (I'm more into quirky houses, even if they're sort of broken down).

B) Apartment in Allston (closer to town) with the kids I don't know that well. I'd be sort of bailing on my friends, but rent would be $280/mo. I'd share a room. The cheap rent makes it more likely that I can find a job before the money I've saved up runs out, and also I'd have less of a conniption because I intend to keep that money as a safety rather than living off of it. The people I'd be living with seem really cool, but are all several years younger than me (around 18/19-- I'm 22 and very much over college).

My gut feeling seems to be telling me to live with my friends, but the other option seems very practical financially and like way less hassle in terms of negotiation.

Did anyone actually care enough to read all of that? Which would you choose?
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