Sadie (greeneyedsadie) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm thinking of doing a "missed connection" listing on Craigslist. Should I do it? Today at Trader Joe's I was with my parents and we were loading groceries into the back of the car when this guy came over, looked at me and smiled, and offered to take our cart. He was a customer. He was kind of cute. My mother said he was checking me out. So should I do it?

ETA: I did it!

"Today (8/5/2011) at Trader Joe's around 2:30 pm. I was the big girl with curly brown hair, sunglasses and a t-shirt and jeans. You were the big guy who offered to take my cart. You smiled at me and said, "You kids have a nice day!". Was there a spark there? Reply if there was."

Is it too cheesy? Not specific enough? If he replies I'll update in TQC updates.
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