Amanda (tehsp0rk) wrote in thequestionclub,


I know this post might be too late to catch the European TQCers, but has it been generally too cool to wear sandals in London/Amsterdam/Brussels/Stockholm lately? I'm flying to London on Monday and spending time in each of these cities. By far my best walking shoes are sandals (big thanks to TCQ on that - I got the birkenstock gizehs and they've been delightful). I don't really have the luggage space to bring heavier-duty shoes. I made sure to wash/pack a few long sleeved shirts, at least one sweater, and light jacket in case the nights are cool.

IDK, in my undergraduate college I saw dudes wear adidas sandals all through the winter and girls in their little flats so I may just be overthinking.

DK/DC - What's your favorite city in the world?
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