speechiepants (speechiepants) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hey guys,

It is my husband's and my 2nd anniversary on Monday.  Due to some terrible work stress, I completely and totally forgot about it.  We don't typically make a big deal about these types of things, but we do usually get each other something funny, or that we wanted.  The only idea that I had for a gift was the sheet music for Philip Glass' "Songs and Poems for Solo Cello," but lucky me, it's unavailable.  :(

He likes computer games (WoW, League of Legends, Starcraft), the cello and guitar, martial arts (he's currently studying kendo), and zombies.  Does anyone have any ideas for a small, fun gift?

DKDC - What are you currently reading? (I'm reading "The No Asshole Rule: Creating a Civilized Workplace or Surviving One that Isn't.")
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