☞Liεяяε☜ (lierre) wrote in thequestionclub,

Some time back I saw about 5 minutes of a show called Desperate Housewives. It didn't get me wanting to watch it but it was interesting enough that I wonder about the plot line of the little piece I saw, so can anyone fill me in here?

A woman had a chubby and seemingly cranky little girl maybe 10-12 years old whom she took to some special place to buy an expensive doll. The girl freaked out about the woman apparently looking at some photo of another girl in her own purse or wallet? and the woman did not defend her action but instead even seemed apologetic. So, what was going on? Anyone?

What was the relation between the girl and the woman?
Why was the girl upset that the woman have been looking at a photo / who was the photo of?
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