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Question 1. I have a month off, (end of summer classes) and I've decided to spend 2 weeks with my boyfriend in Seattle, and then a week and a half with my mom in the Interior of BC. When I bought my ferry ticket,(from Victoria to Seattle) I didn't buy a return ticket, because the boy offered to drive me up to Vancouver (where my mom is picking me up), I've bought my greyhound ticket from where my mom lives in the interior of BC, back to Vancouver. How likely is it that the border folks will give me a hard time going into the states?  Because clearly, I'm coming back to Canada, just not on the boat....

Question 1.5 - Related questions - crossing the border always stresses me out, although I've gone literally, half a dozen or so times in the last year. and I always get hassled more coming back into Canada. Do any of you have any amusing border crossing stories?

Question 2 - have you ever dated someone who lived in another country? how long did your relationship last?
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