_onekillwonder_ (_onekillwonder_) wrote in thequestionclub,

On a grading scale that a 60 is the lowest grade you can recieve without failing...
How badly would you think a 0 would hurt an average of 67? It can't be a whole 8 points to make me fail, or would it?
I would average myself, but my grades arn't posted yet and my teacher wont email me back.
(This isn't my final average, it's an average of two tests that obviously I sucked at the first one and don't think I'll do good on the 2nd, so i'm using a 0 as the worst possible outcome)
Now I feel validated.

Have you ever ruined a relationship with your anxiety/nervousness/needyness?
Have you ever gotten over said problems and it worked out?
What did you do?

What would be a nice "I'm sorry" present for someone?
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