the congreve cube (leastlikely) wrote in thequestionclub,
the congreve cube

Working on my theatrical resume and, as it turns out, there aren't a whole ton of resources on the internet for non-performance people. So maybe some of you can help.

I was on a team that designed and constructed puppets, but I was not a manipulator of said puppets during the performances. Should I call this "Puppet Design," "Puppet Crew," or something else?

It feels redundant that most of my listings end in "... Crew" but is there any better way to say it? I don't want to just say my role in any given show was, for example, "Costumes," because that makes it sound like I designed the costumes when really I did costume construction and shopping. So "Costume Crew" seems like the best bet, but then I have the word crew on nearly every line and it's tiring to look at.

If anybody knows anything about this, or at least has an opinion, I'd appreciate the help!
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