fallonfan (fallonfan) wrote in thequestionclub,

Panic attacks/anxiety

Do any of you suffer from panic attacks and/or anxiety? I pretty sure I had an attack today. I've been very stressed out recently and it all sort of came crashing down on me today.

I've been having some tough times recently (relocating to a new city, LOADS of work, recent breakup, among many other things) and today everything just sort of hit me at once. I was already upset, but at one point I walked into my room and suddonly couldn't hold it in any longer. I sunk down onto the floor and started freaking out. I was somewhat rolling around on the floor crying and after a couple minutes of that I went out into the living room to where my mother was, thinking I was better. We started to get upset at each other and then I started feeling like a couldn't sit still. I had to run into the bathroom for fear I was going to be sick and I simply had to keep moving. Even if it was just clinching and unclinching my hand. I felt like a couldn't control my breathing (I also have athsma, if that means anything.) and uncontrollable crying. This went on for 2 or 3 minutes. When I finally went into my bedroom. I managed to stop the need for constant movement, but it took a good 5 minutes to stop crying and get my breathing back to normal. This all took place about a hour and a half ago and I feel MUCH better now, but nothing of physical situation has changed. (IE, I still have tons of work...)

I realize that this group does not take the place of a doctor, and I still plan on getting in soon and perhaps getting on some medication if needed. But, I still have some questions. Is a panic attack probably what happened to me today? For those of you that do suffer from these, are your experiences similar? Are you on any medication for it? (You do not have to share, of course, if you do not want to.)

Thanks so much for your help everyone!

**EDIT**---I forgot to mention that this somewhat runs in my family. I do not think that my mom ever suffered from actual attacks, but she IS on anti-depressants.

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