Repetitive Verse (vaguely) wrote in thequestionclub,
Repetitive Verse

It is very hard to make a post with a kitten nomming your fingers.

Two nights ago, I saw a kitten running around my work. She was getting chased by dogs and dumb kids, so I knew I had to rescue her. Yesterday, I took her to the vet and she checked out well with the exception of a pretty bad case of roundworms and fleas. They recommended I treated the fleas first, and gave me the stuff to take care of the roundworms, but in the meantime, she's gotta stay confined to my room so the other cats in my apartment don't get sick as well.

I spend most of today with her, getting home at 7:30a and taking two naps with her. I am about to leave for my graveyard shift and I am very worried for her. Am I being ridiculous? She's going to be okay being alone for about ten hours, right? She's got food, a litterbox, and toys.

dk/dc what's the last impulse decision you made?

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