_onekillwonder_ (_onekillwonder_) wrote in thequestionclub,

When was the last time someone made you laugh out loud?
-I tried to wake my friend up early this morning and i said "you HAVE to get up" they looked at me and said   '...damnit the only thing i gotta do is stay black and die' and rolled back over.

What was the last thing you bought?
-i got some hello kitty fake nails from this weird store in the mall, then found more at old navy :D along with some $3 shirts!

Longer question:

SOOOOoooo...I hate my friend's stupidity sometimes.
My friend 'Jessica' just started dating this guy named 'James'. They've known each other pretty much all their lives. They have been dating seriously for about a month.
Jessica had a loved one die of an overdose about 6 months ago, along with an uphill addiction battle for a year and a half with this person before they died. James knows this.
James smokes weed max 3-4 times a week and drinks max 3 times a week. Jessica gets upset and is tired of no one around her being completely sober, like she stays all the time. She asks James to take a break from smoking pot on Wednesday. He agrees. Tonight, Saturday, he leaves to go smoke with his friends. She confronts him about it and he just acts frustrated and waits till she finishes talking, trys to give her a kiss, and leaves to go smoke. She starts crying and I don't know what to tell her. :( What do you guys think?
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