dragonflyinlove (dragonflyinlove) wrote in thequestionclub,

When was the last time you let someone take advantage of you?


I quit my preschool job to nanny to kids who's mom was unhappy with the preschool (I was unhappy with it too lol), shes cool but it went from being a "watch my kids while I work 7am-5pm" type situation to a "Im going to call you at 9pm on your day off and tell you to bring me toilet paper" type situation and I dont know how to make it clear that I need some fucking time to myself.

To make it worse she is getting divorced and is having trouble with work so she is paying me about half of what we agree upon and I have literally not had a day where I did not run an errand or watch her kids for her in going on a month.

For example, I am watching her kids right now, from 7pm until probably around 4am so she can go have fun, we agreed I would have the daytime off to catch up on errands but she ended up calling me and coming to get me so that I would go to walmart with her so she did not have to deal with the kids on her own.

Im so sick of this but I do not know how to tell her I need some time to myself without offending her or losing my job.

Am I being insensitive?

I just want to go grocery shopping and pay my bills without having to take her kids with me!!!

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