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So my apathy about healthy eating habits has been replaced by a growing sense of horror as I realize I might be some level of anemic or at least have a vitamin deficiency. I'm tired and unfocused most of the time, and my fingernails are splitting off left and right. I've been a vegetarian for twelve years, since I was ten years old, and I think that because I started so young, I fucked it up. I've been making an attempt to eat healthier in the past few years, but since graduating college I've mostly survived on rice, ramen, and scavenging things at parties because I have no money.

Are there any vegans/ vegetarians on this forum who could recommend a really effective multi-vitamin that includes iron, omega-3s, vitamin D and vitamin B12, among other things? Or one that you've had experience with that made you feel more energized and healthy?

I've tried a few off and on, but I never felt like it was making a difference. I heard something called "Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer" was good, but when I pulled up their website it sort of looked like it might be for dieting, which is not at all what I need.

Or actually, if you know of any super-healthy cheap vegan/veg foods, I'd welcome those as well. I'm gonna try to incorporate more quinoa and kale into my life.
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