non (ontheqt) wrote in thequestionclub,

I can't find any direct info on this, maybe you guys can:

'In time, bread becomes stale and grows mold on the exposed surfaces. Why does mold not begin growing inside the bread loaf?

a. molds can only grown on dry surfaces.
b. only molds at the surface of the bread can get oxygen to respire.
c. mold actually begins from anywhere inside but produces colored spores only at the surface.
d. there is an antibiotic antagonism between the bread mold and the internal yeasts that made the breade rise.
e. the bread was sterilized when it was baked and thereafter mold spores setttle only on the outside of the cooled bread.

I was thinking c. but wasn't sure how to prove this.
the diagram in the book showed them growing out from within, but the text said it could be both ways.


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