Erin Elizabeth (emeraldetoile) wrote in thequestionclub,
Erin Elizabeth

Okay, so on Thursday my mom took me to Sam's Club (wholesale place) to stock up on things for my apartment. I got a case of three one gallon cartons of Silk Vanilla Soymilk. They were in the refrigerator at Sam's, but have spent the past few days sitting in my dining room, until they made their way to my apartment today.

I realize that it says "Perishable, keep refrigerated" on the box! Is my soymilk still good? I assumed that it did not to be refrigerated, being that I've purchased cartons of this stuff off the shelf before, and they need to be refrigerated after opening.

I opened up a bottle and had a taste, and it tasted fine. But does soymilk taste nasty when it's foul? I had it in some cereal tonight and it tasted like it is supposed to. I just want to know before I make a Slim-Fast shake with it tomorrow...

Should I put the other two unopened cartons in the fridge?

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