detoxikate (detoxikate) wrote in thequestionclub,

i'm applying for my first job at a country club as a busser, dishwasher, or hostess (whatever's available), and filling out this application is more difficult than i thought it would be. there are spots for "subjects of special study/research work," "special training," and "special skills." i have no idea what to put there, but i don't want to leave an entire section blank. i'm homeschooled and not involved in any clubs or extracurricular activities, and i haven't taken anything outside the realm of normal high school classes that would qualify as "special training." i honestly can't even say i have "people skills" - i wanted to be a hostess to force myself out of my comfort zone and develop some people skills. do you have any ideas for what i can list there? (do they really expect teenagers applying for such low-level jobs to have "special training" anyway?)

like i said, this would be my first job, but i volunteered at a library from september 2008 to may 2009. should i even bother listing that as previous employment, or is it unimportant since it was so long ago and unpaid?

also, what should i do about references? since i'm homeschooled, i can't use teachers, and i don't even remember the names of my supervisors from the library. i know you shouldn't list family members, but what about friends? it doesn't say to list a phone number or contact info, so i don't think they'll be calling them, but what if the interviewer asks why i listed them or something? "oh, she's lyke, my bff. she can totez vouch for me, lolol."

sorry for asking such dumb questions, but i've never done this before, and i'm so stressed out. D:
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