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pretend you have a child in daycare

What would you do if your child had a mix up in their feeding schedule? They are supposed to get a bottle, then a jar of food 2 hours after that, then another bottle 2 hours after that, but instead got 3 bottles over a 6 hour period instead of 2 bottles and a jar of food. If their caregiver figured it out after that, and apologized and felt horrible, how would you feel?

What if your child supposedly choked on a skittle, given to them after your permission was given, 8 hours later?

If your child needed medication given to them, would you get the proper documentation signed by a doctor?

What if your child had an accident, had not other clothes, and had to wear a pair of the centers slightly too small shorts, what would you do?

What if your child loved blueberries, but eating them made him have gross diapers...would you demand the center not serve them at all? to anyone?

I had to deal with some ridiculous stuff over the last two days from equally ridiculous parents!!!!
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