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Any WoW players out there?

I tried to log in to WoW this morning and it says my account info is invalid. I played last night and was able to log in just fine. When I tried to retrieve my password, it gave me a password recovery question that (I'm pretty sure) wasn't the one that I set up. So I tried retrieving my account name using my email address, but the only one that came up was the one I registered for noodle_nose back in Christmas. I emailed Blizzard about the problem, but, crap!

Was my account stolen?

I got this account back in February of LAST year from Christian when he decided to quit. Since then, I've changed the password, billing information, and email address, so I'm pretty sure I must have set up a password recovery question that I know.

Is there anything else that I can do until Monday when Blizzard will finally read their email?

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