What happens when two substances collide (roasted_kiwi) wrote in thequestionclub,
What happens when two substances collide

Do you like the jell-o with the little mandarin orange slices in it?

Can you recommend a comfy flat shoe or brand of shoes for no more than like, $50? I get paid tomorrow and my ancient work shoes are wearing out my poor feet. :( No specifications other than flat sole and closed toes...

How long does it take you to make spaghetti?
I always get sucked into making it because it's "so quick" and then I find myself adding all sorts of stuff to make it even better... tonight it took me 35 minutes to make because I added ground turkey, onion, garlic, green peppers, mushrooms, and spinach. It was yummy and all, but that's too much time to spend at the stove in this heat.
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