Charis (caheisey) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hello TQC:

The obvious answer to this question involves going to the vet, which I'm planning on; I ask now just to ease my preliminary concerns. My cat is about 2 years old, completely an indoor cat, and has had all her shots and wormers. There is another cat in the house but they literally do not come in contact with each other ever, so I think contagious cat diseases are at all likely.

Lately I (her mom) have been gone quite a bit, and upon getting home have found that she seems to have licked her fur excessively, especially around her tummy and on her tail (normal licking spots, I suppose... just excessive looking, it appears). She is not normally an anxious or nervous cat; usually she's a moody bitch and doesn't often opt to hang out with mama much anyway.

Why is she licking herself? Is she sick? Anxious? Food problems? Other?

I don't think we have fleas, or worms. Or mange. But she doesn't act anxious, really. She is a bit more excited than usual when I get home but is over it quickly.

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