Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, inspired by the gross sounds question and the phobias question:

1. Is there anything where you aren't afraid of what everyone else is afraid of, but rather something related? (example for bad wording: Not afraid of spiders, but afraid of spiderwebs or the shed skins, or not afraid of needles but afraid of hemostats)

2. How about where you can't stand to look at it, but you can cover it up with your own hand and be okay, even though you're touching it, because at least you can't see it?

1. Fat. Blood doesn't bother me, no matter how much I'm bleeding or someone else is bleeding, whatever. but when I manage to injure myself and the fat is showing... oh god. getting the willies just thinking about it.

2. and the fat again. Las tmonth I managed to stab myself in the hnad, and while the cut was clean and didn't bleed much or anything, the blade pulled out a fat globule. Obviously I can't just leave it there, and I can't really pull it because that hurts, so I was trying to pinch it off with my fingernails... As long as it was pinched, and I couldn't see, no big deal. I hated lookign to see if it was still there, though. (I eventually got it off with fingernail clippers)
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