Bonnie Leigh (loveishome) wrote in thequestionclub,
Bonnie Leigh

Head pressure on roller coaster?

All my life, I've had no trouble on roller coasters. They've never bothered my head before. But when I went to islands of adventure last, my head was pounding to the point where I was crying and had to go to the first aid office. This was months ago. I'm about to go back this weekend- What can I do to prevent what happened from happening again (besides not going on the rides of course)? I'm not going to go crazy but I'd like to do at least one roller coaster, maybe two. A friend mentioned taking Tylenol beforehand. Is there anything else you could think of that I can do? Any other type of medication? Thank you!

EDIT: I went to the doctor's afterward and they did not find anything wrong with me.
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