eimajine (mrrrowr) wrote in thequestionclub,

check endorsing and scams

is it a bad idea to endorse the back of a check with your bank account?
and should i cash this check? (of which you'll read further down)

i've been doing this for years. i have to mail my checks in to my bank because i'm in the wrong region to deposit them there and i like my bank, so i'm not changing.

i got a check in the mail today from what claims itself as the "new visa and mastercard accounts department" of the "preferred carholder division" of the "credit card protection agency inc." (i got a new visa recently)
it claims this is a rebate check - for what, i don't know. i've only spent $5 on my card. don't think that warrants a $3 rebate.
so, i feel like this is a scam.
as i went to endorse the check, i noticed on the back it says "notice - enter your credit card number and sign below before cashing or depositng this rebate check." doing this signs me up for an annual fee of $89 with unspecified perameters and all sorts of gimmicks.
so they definately look at the backs of their returned checks.

thus this lead me to this general question of how i've been endorsing my checks.
someone could use that information and fraudulently charge money to my account.

is "deposit only" enough? i guess i do include my deposit slip which has that other info.
and what should i do about this check? if i deposit it (without all the hoey that asked for), do you think i will be scammed anyway?

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